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December 31, 2013

Moral Short Stories

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Moral Short Stories was launched to provide a collation of healthy reading for young people.

Ethics and systematic reasoning can be taught in schools, but morals are highly personal and will be learnt from role models in life. Students will use their parents, peers, teachers and heroes as role models.


Peer pressure is probably one of the most dominant influences in young people’s lives. The scary thing is that young people will go to almost any length, at any cost, to conform to the perceived norm of the peer group.

Can your child stand up and be an opinion-former?

 If ever there was a time our youth needed strong characters forged by sound core values and good ethics, it is now.

 The “Moral Short Stories” series is a resource for reinforcing selected core values by way of a captivating story from nature and then building core values.

 Character and Tolerance

The author found that the best method to stimulate interaction is by engaging the listener in compelling and easily remembered short stories. Each story is crafted so as to be interesting to the reader and then be used to draw analogies and parallels that focus on a specific target value or good basic belief.


This particular approach was developed during the author’s experience as a leader when he had to transfer intrinsic values to various groups in industrial, commercial and religious settings. His apparent level of success prompted him to develop this method as a template for this “Moral Short Stories” Series.


Fight for Life


The material is written from the perspective that target values are more readily assimilated by a mind that is stimulated and actively engaged in the drama surrounding the story.


Although this series is primarily a teacher’s aid, it is also structured in a way that Christian values can be applied via an add-on section.

 In Moral Short Stories, the social value is therefore always the first lesson which deals with core values applicable to every reader. A separate section of additional lessons was developed with Christian content. This format was expressly designed so that anyone who may have an issue with religion need not see such content unless they purposely page over to the second section.

With more than 60 titles being prepared, this series is designed to teach fresh and valuable character-building stories on the Kindle reader.

First Edition is now published on Amazon.

Adversarial multimedia gaming, TV Reality Shows and a preoccupation with Blockbuster Films and its inevitable Celebrity culture is having a devastating impact on our younger generation’s moral fiber.

film night | self portrait
Media OverloadAdam Foster | Codefor / / CC BY-NC-ND


Parents, teachers and leaders should be alarmed that sensationalism, moral bankruptcy and self-serving violence have now become the character-forming staple diet of so many of our young people.

Surely, there must be disaster looming when such distorted personal beliefs or values become the uncontested norm for a person’s social and emotional interaction.



Educationalists and psychologists generally accept that ‘core values’ (good or bad) held by a person inevitably become personality traits or qualities of character.

Sarangkot Flight
Soaring in Lifedhilung / / CC BY

Such personal qualities influence a person’s fundamental driving force in life. Therefore the crux of the issue becomes how to brace young people against peer pressure leading to bad behaviour.

 Throughout history, parents and educationalists have recognized that instilling or strengthening good moral values in students leads to a more stable and productive life. Teaching core values should now be more urgent than ever – and it would appear that teachers and leaders are becoming ever more conscious of that need. There is consequently a growing need for fresh and relevant material to fill the gap in effectively teaching core values.

 Moral Short Stories

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